1983 Sunrader, 21 ft
City: Olympia
State: Washington
Country: United States of America
Price: $4,000.00
Date Added: December 23, 2017
Expiration: 36 Day(s)
Views: 261
Coach Manufacturer: Sunrader
Year: 1983
Length in Feet: 21
Mileage: 119000
Engine Type: 22R Carb
Rear Axle Type: Toyota 6 Bolt Full Floating
Transmission Type: 4 Speed Stick
Floor Plan: Please describe your floor Plan - Colors - Layout etc.
Additional Included Equipment or Accessories: CD Player in Cab
Solar Panel

Phone Number: 9083311470

Currently gutting interior (it was original), will be done next week.

Just gauging interest before it'll be available next week.

Bought it back in Feb with grand ambitions, but life has gotten in the way.

When we got it, the engine was pretty worn out so I rebuilt it with my buddy in NY.

22R. Professionally machined. Punched 20 over, new pistons, rods machined, crank turned, head fully rebuilt - new valves; both intake & exhaust, head & block decked obviously. New Weber (a real weber, not that fake ass solex shit) 32/36 carb, *properly* planed with an LCE spiral adapter. Exhaust manifold and valve cover sandblasted and repainted. New oil dipstick tube (short one from 85+). New oil pump, water pump, new harmonic balancer. Luckily I found a shorter oil pump spline from an 81, so we put a dual row timing chain in it with steel backed guides. New shocks, front and rear.

New horizontal propane cylinder.

Working propane stove

6 new tires all around, less than 2k miles on them. Actual 185r14s 8 ply, hard to find.

New rear lights; bargmans

New (less than 3 months old) 6 gallon propane water heater, w/ proper copper propane lines to heater & stove. +brand new door for the water heater

Rewired engine incl. all new harnesses, grounds, & fusible links

New clutch, pressure plate, slave cylinder, master cylinder, resurfaced flywheel - 4spd standard

6 lug 1 ton fully floating dually rear axle

Only surface rust on frame

Repainted cab

200 watts of solar (2x 100w panels), w/ charge controller and 100Ah AGM deep cycle battery - properly wired to internal lights, water pump etc.

Custom made, anti-theft solar rack. I'd like to see some thieving bastard try to drill out a shitload of 1/4" rivets

Comes with a propane gas & carbon monoxide combo alarm, our buddy heater always made me paranoid

Small but appreciable discount if you pay with bitcoin, litecoin or ethereum. No other altcoins/shitcoins

500 watt inverter
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