1991 Toyota Itasca/Spirit w/67,050 miles

City: Middlebury
State: Vermont
Country: United States of America
Price: $6,200.00
Date Added: August 4, 2017
Expiration: 15 Day(s)
Link to your website: https://vermont.craigslist.org/rvs/d/toyota-rv-class-1991/6363555129.html
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Coach Manufacturer: Winnebago
Year: 1991
Describe any Recent Maintenance that has been done: In Aug/Sept 2016: oil changed; new battery, fuel pump, ignition rotor & distributor cap. Passed Vermont inspection in September 2016.
Length in Feet: 21
Mileage: 67050
Engine Type: V6 Fuel Injected
Rear Axle Type: Other - See Description
Transmission Type: Automatic
Floor Plan: Rear bathroom w/separate shower and closet w/mirror, kitchen in center, bed over cabin. Extra L-shaped short sofa next to entrance, in place of dining room table. Swivel chair next to door. All furniture in great shape. Tan upholstery & carpet have some stains. Otherwise very clean interior.
Additional Included Equipment or Accessories: Generator
Roof Air conditioner

Phone Number: 240-446-2713
More Photos and or Information can be found here: place the url here

Update: Discovered a leak on top front passenger side w/minor rust outside. This is why I've lowered price to $6200 as I've been told it will cost $100 to recondition the roof. Also, have winterized it to protect water system so you won't have to do that.
After many years of wanting a Toyota RV, I finally found one last August. I had intended to travel throughout eastern Canada - alas, I got diagnosed with a serious illness which prevents me from being able to properly take care of this RV. I don't know very much technical stuff about this RV. Also I don't know its mpg, since I thought I'd be having this RV for years, I never bothered to calculate it. But I assume it's over 15 mpg as that's the minimal mpg I've seen for this type of RV.
I do know that when the previous owner showed me the various systems, all worked fine. The generator & propane tank work, but I haven't needed to use them (it has a propane heating system & stove, but the refrigerator runs only on electricity). The a/c works very well which I've used. The radio leaves much to be desired as the reception is poor. There's no cruise control. The exterior needs a "carwash" and the truck could use a paint job, but the rest of it doesn't need paint.

Vermont does not issue titles to vehicles older than 15 yrs. Instead seller provides a bill-of-sale. Please check with your state to see whether this will be fine. I do have the MD title which was transferred to me, too.

Tires were bought in 2008 by the previous owner which passed last year's VT inspection.
Problems: There was a small crack in rear frame but that has been sealed (see pic). Passenger's door lock is different from driver's side, but didn't realize this at the time of purchase & previous owner did not provide a key. Evidence of slight leak over front bed, probably from the cracked window, but doesn't seem to be a problem considering all the rain we've gotten this year. Also while still in MD, there was a grinding noise when making a sharp turn. Guy at campground applied grease which stopped the noise. When I asked auto repairman, he couldn't find anything wrong. When winterizing, repairman couldn't release drainage plug? Regardless he successfully winterized it. Sorry but I don't know the type of the rear axle.

For serious inquiries, prefer for you to contact me at the email provided on the Vermont Craigs listing (see "link to your website"). But you may call me at the phone number I provided. I don't have any more photos since I borrowed a camera to take those photos. Price has been reduced to $6300 - price is firm.
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