Help and Facts

1- To post an ad you must first become a verified Member.
On the left under member options you will see the login link. Click that then click the "Need to register" link.
Fill it all out then check your email because you will get two separate emails, one will welcome you to the system. The second will have a link that you must click in order to activate your account. Once your account is activated you can login and place an ad. Special note: The classifieds do not share user registrations with the discussion board. They are separate systems each requiring separate accounts.
2- Now you can log in and place an ad. Simply select the "Place an Ad" link, select the category where you want to place an ad, select the package you would like and you are on your way. For photo ads you will be able to upload your photos after you enter all your ad info. All categories have a FREE ad listing. Featured, Highlighted and NON-Toyota ads will require a small fee. Featured Ads will also display on the main index page. All payments are thru PayPal. Ad run times and options will be stated with the package. Most renewals are free until you sell your item. Ads should post immediately after submission. If for some reason you were unable to complete an ad log into your account, select "Modify an Ad" then you should see the ad you were working on, If you need to make changes to the ad select "Modify" once your modifications are complete return to "Modify an Ad" and select "Pay and Activate", you will then be taken thru the check out process.
If you have any problems please email us thru the contact page but Please allow 24 - 48 hours for us to respond to emails.

You can change your member profile by clicking on "Modify Your Account" after logging in.

My Photos Will Not Upload - Photos are limited to a upload size of 2200 pixels wide by 2200 pixels high. If you get errors trying to upload an image it is probably because it is too large. Most newer digital cameras these days produce images larger than that. Also just about every digital camera I have ever purchased has some sort of graphics software included on cd which can resize your images. There are also some free graphics programs on the internet which can also manipulate images. A very good one can be downloaded from here and another here

My Ad will not Activate - We are not sure why this happens. If for any reason you can not get your ad to activate please contact us and we will activate it for you.