Rear Axle Facts

The original axles supplied on early Toyota Motorhomes by all manufactures were recalled by Toyota and the NTSC due to failures. The document "Axle Facts was put together by a member of the Yahoo Group "Toyota-Campers. It is considered a must read for Potential New Toyota Motorhome purchasers. It is in a adobe acrobat file which is locked by the author. The link will open in its own window. You must have Adobe acrobat installed on your computer to read this file. You can also (for pc owners) right click and "save target as" and save to your hard drive.
The axle facts file was originally uploaded to the Yahoo toyota-campers group by heyjames451 and The "Redwood Mountain Exchange" assumes no responsibility for the contents of the axle facts document. The document "Axle Facts" is for informational purposes only. All rights remain with the original author heyjames451.

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